QR Mobile Data

oleh AHG, Inc.

Mobile data collection and workflow tracking software.

If you need to track projects progress and workflow, fill out forms to collect data, make sure that collected records are preserved and are easily accessible, QR Mobile Data will make your life much easier.

With QR Mobile Data you can track production process, collect information, record completed work on site using mobile devices (smartphones or tablets). Mobile devices are used for QR code / barcode scanning, moving project through the steps, filling out mobile forms and accessing information. Collected data are sent to a centralized cloud location in real time, and are immediately accessible to all authorized users. All projects related physical paperwork is replaced with the digital records, accessible on demand and easily searchable.

QR Mobile Data is integrated with Microsoft Azure Active Directory, allowing single sign-in with Microsoft credentials.

Using QR Mobile Data software, you can:

  • Create custom mobile forms for all your data collection needs. Anything that you are currently using: paper forms, pdf forms, excel spreadsheets can be converted to the digital mobile forms that your employees will be able to fill out in the field or on the shop floor on a smartphone. Whether you need to perform inspections, record production process data, report equipment damage in the field, fill out checklists, record equipment service and maintenance, fill out quality control forms - QR Mobile Data has you covered.
  • Create custom workflow(s) via the web dashboard, and attach mobile form(s) to the workflow steps, or use mobile forms for the individual tasks not connected to a workflow.
  • Track projects progress, collect data and fill out forms on site using mobile devices (smartphones or tablets). Take photos with a smartphone camera, and attach to the form for visual documentation. Use smartphones to capture signature(s).
  • Use QR code / barcode scanning to uniquely identify an object you are working with (an asset, equipment, property, infrastructure, project, etc.), and access object information in the field. It can be anything they need to do the job: item specifications, pdf documentation, relevant image(s) and drawings, relevant links, etc.
  • Access live data on the projects progress, history of the past projects, completed records from anywhere. Search projects and records by multiple parameters to find required information fast.
  • Give all employees who are working on a project real time access to the project's progress and information, on a smartphone in the field and on the computer in the office.
  • Create custom pdf reports for internal use, clients or outside auditors. Define what should be included in the reports, reports look and layout using custom templates.

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