COVID-19 Virtual Assistant

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Conversational Solution to Aid COVID-19 Support and Diagnosis

Start automating patient queries surrounding COVID-19 within 48 hours. Join healthcare professionals across the globe using Hyro's free conversational AI for COVID-19 to serve patients, save time and cut costs. 

Conversational AI developer Hyro is providing its Natural Language-based virtual assistant for free for the purposes of combatting COVID-19 (coronavirus). To support health organizations and their patients, the omnichannel assistant is readily deployable to perform risk assessment, triage symptoms, and deliver accurate, real-time information in an effort to educate the public and stymie the risk of infection. Their NLU-based solution processes questions posed by patients, either by voice or text, and delivers intelligent responses that can navigate patients to next steps that can be defined and customized by the client.

Use the COVID-19 virtual assistant to:

  • Answer FAQs surrounding COVID-19
  • Navigate patients to Coronavirus-related content
  • Triage symptoms & perform risk assessment
  • Provide information from WHO, CDC & other verified sources

Unlock value that can help you and your patients right now:

  • Alleviate stress on support/call centers experiencing unprecedented spikes in volume
  • Help identify persons at risk and prioritize the urgency of cases
  • Support patients instantly and ensure first-touch services 24/7
  • Educate patients on COVID-19 implications and encourage taking protective measures
  • Gain actionable business insights with conversational data via a client dashboard