Air flights Schedule


Suite of API services expose flight scheduling, based on IATA SSIM standard in friendly format.

“This application is available in English."
¿What is Air Flights Schedule?
This service is oriented to Airlines and provide API Services for control the routes and frequencies of their flights in an efficient and simple way. 
Main Functionalities:
Destinations: Given an airport or city of origin, it allows to know exactly all the direct and connecting flights from that point. Use both the client company and the collaborating companies that can operate the route;
• Routes: Constructs the direct and connection routes based on the information in the SSIM File, allows the application of specific rules that determine whether to generate a connection between two segments or not, depending on the HUB, the region of origin, or the destination;
Flight Calendar: Service that returns a response in calendar format (triangular matrix) with the frequencies for a given route, this response indicates the days that a flight operates within each month, the response is as many months viewed as reported in the SSIM,
Auto Refresh: When a flight schedule update (SSIM) is received, the system automatically re-calculates all routes in a matter of minutes and makes it available to all consumers of the service.
This product does NOT return fees or consider rate rules / rate restrictions! If you want it you may try Air Fare Engine

¿How this product helps to the Airlines?
Flight Schedule It is a product in SaaS mode, which can be consumed by multiple airlines, in a personalized and scalable way, its main advantages are:
Reduction of operational costs: Infrastructure and development reduced due to no maintenance required.
High scalability:  Allows different services of the airline to consume it without impact the performance of other systems or the ecommerce user experience;
• It is integrable with multiple flight programs thanks to the IATA standard;
• High Performance: The response time is less than 3 milli-seconds, which gives ecommerce and other components a superior response capacity;
Pretty & light response format: The response format is very light and this allows direct integration from a web or mobile front end directly.

¿ What Problem resolve?
    • Avoid to the users select invalid flights from during the Booking flow
    • Reduce the number of invalid requests to the inventory systems
    • Reduce Invalid responses from the Airline Backend services.
    • Provide a single point of integration and avoid discrepancies due to use different sources