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Measure emissions accurately on a global scale and move towards a net-zero logistics

shipzero is an accredited data platform developed to calculate, analyze and optimize the carbon footprint of logistics activities. The platform provides a unique, granular data perspective on your global freight transportation based on all relevant internal and external data sources.

Actionable insights enable effective emission reduction, while taking care of time-consuming and complex data gathering, calculation and reporting. The platform enables shippers, logistics service providers and carriers to manage their transport emissions.

shipzero facilitates the data-driven path to net zero emissions for any company shipping goods around the globe.


Supply chain emissions are the most challenging part of decarbonization strategies due to

  • Lack of accurate data in multi-modal and complex carrier networks
  • No 'one-fits-all' reduction measure for all situations and dependencies
  • Uncertainty about technology adaption speed and regulatory benefits
  • Risk of surging fossil energy prices and activation of carbon pricing mechanisms

Key benefits and capabilities:

shipzero creates one unique insight layer across all transport activities to manage the global challenge of decarbonization.

  • Reliable, and autitable emissions metrics on a shipment level
  • Harmonized information and performance benchmarks over all logistics activities
  • Ongoing, data-based reduction potentials
  • Automated reporting process for internal and external stakeholders
  • Access via API and Web-Frontend

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