ATTADO for Outlook

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ATTADO for Outlook is a company database of Documents, Contacts, Projects and Tasks

"This application is available only in Poilish"

ATTADO for Outlook

A modern desktop application. Fully integrated with Windows and Microsoft Outlook.

In a simple and intuitive way you will get access to the most important information in your company directly from the e-mail box.

Just Outlook and our ATTADO!


  • ATTADO is a company database of Documents, Contacts, Projects and Tasks
  • Use your Microsoft Outlook to manage documents and projects throughout the company
  • ATTADO is a secure database of documents, contacts and company projects

How to achieve savings and improve work efficiency?

Deploy the ATTADO system to improve group work and quick access to company data


ATTADO creates in the company a central database of e-mail correspondence with contractors and concerning ongoing projects


ATTADO is a professional Document Management System. Templates, versions, statuses, approvals, access rights…


Gather all information about customers, suppliers, institutions and individuals in one place accordance with the GDPR regulations

eCases / Projects

Manage all project information: stages, tasks, documents, e-mail correspondence, addresses, project details, etc.

Activity and Tasks

Attado gives you the ability to collect, define and delegate tasks, activities related to projects, contractors or documents