Appway Onboarding for Wealth

oleh Appway AG

Combine digital and physical interaction to provide clients with a personalized experience.

Appway is the world leader for client onboarding in wealth management and private banking. Appway massively speeds up the time to onboard new investors, while making sure that the firm is fully complying with existing regulations and compliance and risk standards across multiple jurisdictions. The solution includes comprehensive industry best practices and thought leadership gained from working on a broad variety of projects across the globe. Leveraging integrations with multiple internal and external systems to perform background and AML/KYC checks, such activities can be fully automated. With itsintelligent automation and digital collaboration capabilities, it supports relationship managers, back office, compliance officers, and everyone in between, giving them a holistic, real-time customer view, allowing personal engagement and loyalty for (U)HNW and affluent customers through a personalized 5-star experience throughout the entire process.

Improve Cost-to-Income Ratio

Transform onboarding from a cost center to a source of revenue, leveraging analytics-driven insights and improving collaboration throughout operating units and departments.

Master Highly Regulated Business

Respond to regulatory requirements by automating activities to reduce operational risks and easily comply with evolving regulations, managing complexity across all lines of business.

Unlock Unique Client Opportunities

Eliminate friction and unnecessary touchpoints with clients to create a tangible differentiation, building customer loyalty and retention while optimizing existing business and boosting cross-selling opportunities.