Arkose Labs Fraud Prevention Platform

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Fraud prevention and bot detection made easy - while enhancing good customer experience

Arkose Labs provides long-term protection against fraud and abuse. Combining real-time risk assessments with interactive enforcement challenges, the platform eliminates automated attacks and saps fraudsters’ time and resources. This ruins the ROI behind attacks, while allowing real users to pass with ease.  

Who We Serve:
The world’s largest brands trust Arkose Labs to protect their customer journey while delivering an unrivaled customer experience. Industries served include retail, online gaming and gambling, travel, media and streaming, banking, fintechs, technology platforms, and the sharing economy. Any B2C businesses with a digital presence can deploy Arkose Labs to protect against malicious activity.

Use Cases:

- Account Takeover
- New Account Fraud
- Bot Detection
- Payment Fraud
- Bonus Abuse
- Gift Card Fraud
- Spam and Abuse
- API Abuse
- Web Scraping

Key Benefits:

  • Rapid results: Most new customers see results within hours and are fully deployed within three weeks

  • User-centric: The platform has the highest good user pass rate of any form of step-up within the industry-tested against all forms of 2FA and other authentication challenges

  • 100% SLA guarantee:  Arkose Labs offers a commercial guarantee against automated attacks. 

How It Works:

Arkose Labs determines true user intent by analyzing traffic for behavioral telltales of fraud and testing suspicious traffic using interactive challenges. Real-time analytics classifies and triages traffic, and informs the platform of any secondary screening required. Malicious traffic is presented with 3D visual challenges rendered in real-time, that are unsolvable by even the latest advancements in machine vision technology. This eliminates automated attacks and forces human attackers to complete time-consuming challenges that make attacks financially non-viable. Good users rarely see any challenge, and if they do, it has a ~98% pass-rate first time.