Lambent Spaces Smart Space Management Platform

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Lambent Spaces is a SaaS platform delivering Occupancy Analytics for space planning and management.

Lambent Spaces is the leading software for managing space utilization, enabling space planners in higher education and corporate real estate with actionable intelligence necessary to make key real estate decisions. This intelligence comes in the form of real occupancy and utilization data derived from the technology currently available in our customers’ environment (WiFi, cameras, occupancy sensors, etc.).

Lambent aims to help our customers optimize space and drive down costs, by providing insights that enable you to make smarter scheduling and leasing decisions, improve space utilization rates, and reduce CapEx spent on real estate. We accomplish this through our easy to use interface which shows occupancy throughout your spaces. The platform allows you to:

  • Explore your space to understand how it is used, receive flash insights about important trends, and compare bookings and event data to real observed occupancy

  • Analyze your space to gain deeper understanding of your overall utilization, and benchmark the underutilization of your space to cost metrics

  • Report on your space to necessary decision makers using in-dashboard reporting tools

  • Plan future decisions about space and measure the effect of a policy change using our scenario analysis tool.

Lambent Spaces is a software-first solution, since we leverage your existing assets in the space first (Wi-Fi, sensors) and determine how to best support your goals. We do not require the installation of additional sensors to get started. Our solution is fully anonymized, from the way we consume and process data, to the way it is displayed in the dashboard. Our data identifies utilization and trends, never specific individuals. We use additional data (class/room schedules, booking systems, event schedules) to provide utilization in context rather than just simple occupancy. This context driven data leads to actionable insights, easily shareable amongst your organization and done at scale.

Overall, Lambent Spaces provides utilization data and actionable insights about how space is used at scale. These insights provide our customers with the tools to more confidently and strategically manage their space.

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