Integração com plataforma de gestão de tarefas,comunicação e dados jurídicos.

This application is available in Portuguese / Brazil".
askLisa, working with Microsoft Teams, allows you to now clear your legal doubts within your own channel by talking to askLisa. No need to enter other platforms or programs to communicate with your legal. Thus, all your interactions will be done with our integration, while the lawyer, on the other hand, will receive all that information in an organized way on our own platform to better serve you.
The interaction between the user and the lawyer would be mediated by the integration. You can do it in teams:
- Creation of tasks: Thus, in a conversation with Lisa, specific information such as title, description, priority level, legal area and attachments will be requested so that the information reaches the lawyer in a better way.
- Search: If desired, the client can search both the queries already made, thus being able to see their history of interaction with the legal department, as well as those that are still in progress to better follow their demands.
- Notifications: askLisa will always notify its user so that he can follow up when there are changes in the consultation stage, interactions between him and the lawyer through comments or requests for additional documents, or even if there is a change in the ownership of the responsible lawyer.
- Comments: After creating the query, the user will still be able to interact with the lawyer responsible for the comments button on the selected query, thus being able to ask questions, as well as being triggered when necessary to clarify something.
- File attachment: If necessary, the integration with teams also allows documents to be sent both in the process of creating the legal doubt, and during the process of resolving it, if necessary.