Astute Agent

Astute Inc

Astute Agent is a consumer engagement CRM that gives your agents everything they need.

This modern case management CRM is the preferred choice for Consumer Relations and Customer Care teams who support some of the world’s most prestigious brands.  Astute Agent gives your agents everything they need to work cases confidently and efficiently. 

Integrated Knowledge Management:  From custom-crafted to automatically-sourced responses, our knowledge management software is always ready with an answer.
Reputation Management:  Detect issues early and reduce the impact of adverse events with threshold reporting and real-time alerts.
Reporting & Analytics:  Track trends and delve deep into consumer behavior and attitudes with comprehensive reports and analytics tools.
Workflow Automation:  Escalate cases to other departments seamlessly, monitoring status in real-time while keeping an audit of interactions in one place.
Repeater Identification:  Minimize losses due to fraudulent claims by identifying consumers seeking to abuse your goodwill.
Agent Desktop:  Streamline your agents’ workflow by allowing them to see everything that matters at that moment, all in one place.

  • Case management CRM built for consumer engagement
  • Integrated knowledge and guidance for agents
  • Social customer care and case routing
  • Consolidated customer data source with flexible analytics & BI capabilities
  • Automated CRM case data QA