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Intelligently automate any document-centric process with innovative AI technology.

Automation Hero's patent-pending AI technology can understand, extract and classify any type of unstructured, semi-structured, or structured data (e.g. emails, PDFs, invoices, contracts, photos, handwritten notes, etc.).

Automation Hero's end-to-end platform allows users to:

  • integrate any system of preference
  • build business process automations across systems
  • add patent-pending AI technology at any step of the automation
  • include humans at any step in the automation
  • analyze automation results

In addition, its no-code interface ensures accessibility without relying on IT or data science resources.


At Automation Hero, we believe in democratizing automation and therefore use modern, fair pricing. We offer consumption-based pricing charging for the used hardware on a per-minute basis. This is in case you need to run an automation just a few hours each week (we do not charge per document or per automation).

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