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Looking to sign up new customers faster?

Create an electronic solution to seamlessly manage your customer onboarding process.

Delight your new customers from day one by providing them with a professional on-boarding experience, this could make the difference between a life-long customer and another churn statistic.

  • No more sending documents, having customers print them, sign them, scan them, and return them.
  • No more having to track the messages, follow up, or resend.
  • No more having to audit and double-check that you have received all the necessary compliance and onboarding documents.
With Autopilot, you will get the immediate advantages:
  • See an at-a-glance status with our dashboard 
  • Compliant audit trail
  • Accurate reporting and statistics 
And your customers will see the difference as well:

  • Saved from printing pages of forms
  • Provided digital signatures for fast and efficient turnaround
  • Ability to check the status of requirements, and where they are in the process
Areas of expertise include: Retail , Healthcare, Financial Services, Governments and FMCG. 

Take off fast, take off right, with Autopilot.