AvePoint Cloud Archiving for Microsoft 365

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Improve data quality, records and information compliance in Microsoft 365

Redefine Best Practices for Microsoft 365 Content Archiving

Cloud Archiving helps you take full control of stale, unused, or record Microsoft 365 data to improve quality, as well as keep records and information in compliance with government and industry regulations. Identify stale or record content based on business rules, and move unused or inactive Microsoft 365 content to lower-cost storage tiers, or archive and delete. With anytime, granular restore to Microsoft 365 and comprehensive monitoring and auditing, data is always safe and easy to access.

Cloud Archiving is part of the AvePoint Confidence Platform, our 100% SaaS platform for SaaS & data management. Cloud Archiving can be deployed in your choice of over a dozen global data centers, and can easily scale to support 10 or 10,000 users. Cloud Archiving is available for purchase directly, through our preferred partners, or via our Distribution Network for Managed Service Providers.

Key Benefits / Features:

Take control of business-critical data with intelligent Microsoft 365 data archiving
  • Archive stale content from your Microsoft 365 key workloads with metadata, workflow state, and permissions fully maintained
  • Identify and declare records, including the ability to remove or maintain a ready-only copy of the content
  • Apply flexible retention plans to keep the archived content in compliance with information management policies
  • Enable data encryption to strengthen the protection of archived data

Recover anything, anytime, anywhere

  • On-demand, granular restore content back to Microsoft 365 anytime you want
  • Easily browse for content to restore, using advanced search and filter conditions
  • Restore content not only just to its' original home

Responsible and complete audit records

  • Track, manage, and report on all archive and restore process through a centralized management console
  • Gain full visibility of how your archive service is being used by auditing user actions
  • Carry out automatic security trimming and granular delegation for accountable users