AWM Frictionless™

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Lightweight autonomous shopping solution.

AWM is an AI/CV technology company with a comprehensive retail solution. Our technologies are built utilizing artificial intelligence, computer vision, and machine learning to reinvent the retail space as we know it today.


AWM's eco-system of solutions reinvent the retail space by improving operational efficiencies, increasing sales, reducing waste, and more. 

AWM Frictionless™ is a lightweight autonomous shopping solution for retailers to:
  • Quickly implement low cost and low contact frictionless experiences
  • Allow customers to shop as normal and checkout by simply walking out of the store 
  • Maximize in-store man hours and increase ROI
  • Provide for social distancing by eliminating the need for person-to-person checkout and ability to track and report on social distance compliance
  • Ability to integrate AWM Facial Wallet to power purchases by face or voice recognition 

How it works
  1. Session Start: Shopping sessions can start in a variety of ways depending on retailer’s preference. In a standard set up, customers initiate a transaction at an entry gate using a personal QR code from an app. Facial recognition can also be used for identification. Other setups can be configured without an entry gate or even without an app. 
  2. Person Detected: Upon entering the store, strategically placed cameras capture the scene. Deep learning models running on local servers detect humans in these video feeds.
  3. Anonymous Tracking: When a shopping session is started, customers are assigned a random ID. A central server uses this to track each shopper throughout the store as they pass from camera to camera. 
  4. Product Takes and Puts: Using deep learning models trained on product and positioning data from our Product Mapper software, the system determines when customers interact with products and whether to add or subtract that item from their cart.
  5. Checkout: Upon leaving the store (or designated Frictionless area) customers are charged via their digital wallet, receiving a receipt via email or text. In other configurations, a POS kiosk may auto-populate the customer’s cart for checkout, allowing use of conventional payment methods such as cash, credit, etc. 

In addition, AWM Frictionless™ enables retailers to retrofit an existing space or integrate into new store build.
Any store. Any format. Anywhere.