rt360 GRC Product Suite


Integrated and holistic governance, risk management and compliance suite

The rt360 Governance, Risk & Compliance Product Suite is part of BCT Digital’s award-winning risk management suite of products. The solution is designed by risk management practitioners using a “business first and technology next” approach.

  • Encompasses a wide array of GRC requirements such as Enterprise Risk Management, Incident Management, ESG, Policy Management, IT Risk and Business Continuity Management, Audit & Compliance Management, and Third-Party Risk Management
  • Built with industry-specific risk and control libraries and is compliant with international frameworks
  • Automates GRC processes with rich features such as risk identification, control effectiveness testing, calendars, comprehensive workflows, email/SMS alerts, reporting, and dashboards
  • Enables centralized and integrated view of risks across different risk types and LOBs
  • Integrates easily with different source systems such as ERP systems, Asset Management systems, Human Resource Systems available using state-of-the-art connectors
  • Engages users as all its functionalities are user friendly with rich and aesthetic UI
  • Highly flexible and modular; organizations can pick and choose the modules as and when required, with an option of cross integration among the modules; enabling optimization of investment decisions
Value Proposition
  • Single Platform - One platform caters to multiple GRC requirements

  • Latest Architecture - Microservices based architecture for plug and play

  • Collaboration - Integrated tool promotes collaboration between different teams

  • Advance Capabilities- Advance AI/ML capabilities with predictive analytics

  • Data Insights - Integrated dashboards and reports to provide data insights

  • Data Rich - Extensive libraries and compliant to global frameworks and guidelines