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Discover great products virtually, develop ideas, and design collaboratively

Collaborate and Transact in Real Time

In the global B2B retail community buyers, suppliers, and manufacturers all rely on each other to bring on-trend, in-season products to market fast. But to do that, retailers and brands must enable a highly collaborative digital ecosystem in which merchandising and sourcing teams as well as their external partners can communicate seamlessly in real time. 

That’s where Bamboo Rose comes in. 

With Bamboo Rose Marketplace, retailers and brands can easily collaborate and transact with their global supplier base, allowing for a streamlined, cost-efficient sourcing process. View and filter through available product 24/7, share product inspirations with internal teams, and collaborate effectively with suppliers through the Bamboo Rose multi-enterprise supply chain network, eliminating the need for third-party communication tools.


Work the way your customers shop.  Create and share digital storyboards with your teams.  Collaborate with suppliers.  Shop across supplier Showrooms virtually.  

  • Go mobile on the Marketplace to shop competitors, shop suppliers, and share ideas and products with teams around the world
  • Go to market 45 - 60 days faster by collaborating on a single platform
  • Shop and compare products across your supplier base 24/7
  • Save $500K+ in buying trip and sampling costs annually
  • Reduce physical samples by 79%


Connect with retailers, suppliers, and manufacturers to collaborate virtually, create digital showrooms, show more products and collect customer orders.

  • Sell more by creating virtual showrooms and making your products available to buyers 24/7
  • Lower your cost of sales by collecting more customer orders on a single platform
  • Maintain your sales pipeline despite disruptions to business travel and in-person meetings
  • Collaborate digitally with retailers and brands to show them the right products first


Sell more and collaborate with your customers. Create digital master showrooms to increase your top line sales.  Invite customers to view your product assortment, provide early feedback, and place orders.

  • Show more products in real-time to increase sales
  • Gather customer ratings and feedback
  • Quickly adjust product lines to meet market demands
  • Cater to unplanned business opportunities and new market trends