Housing and utility management platform to simplify day to day tasks and workflows.

Housing and utility management platform for Utility companies that helps with invoicing, real estate document management, payment processing, tenant communication, and other day-to-day workflows. We listen to feedback and constantly improving our solution. If it's lacking a feature you require, we will gladly add it to our roadmap and deliver it to you ASAP. 
For the time being this application is available in three languages: English, Latvian, Russian. Other languages can be added per client request.
The HM Guru has the following features for housing management companies:
- Invoicing;
- Reporting;
- Semi-automatic tenant payment processing through a bank account export or automatic though HM Guru system;
- Housing objects management;
- Tenant/owner management;
- Configurable calculations for flexible invoicing;
- Debtor management;
- Housing document management;
- ...
The HM Guru has the following features for owners/tenants:
- Online meter readings;
- Online payments;
- Notifications about relevant housing management activities;
- Remote voting on housing management matters;
- ...