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Beamy is a Tech Intelligence Platform helping large companies manage their SaaS ecosystem.

"This application is available in French". Beamy helps large companies manage the explosion of SaaS applications across their entire organization using continuous detection technology and a powerful governance platform. Beamy's governance platform is the fundamental tool for CIO, DPO, CISO and IT governance team to monitor the compliance of your SaaS software, optimize technology costs, and build your future digital roadmap. One of Beamy’s core missions is to make intelligible and homogeneous the entire B2B SaaS environment. For this purpose, we are consolidating a powerful ecosystem of partner solutions. The Beamy Platform : § Your dynamic application directory : Finally secure your comprehensive SaaS directory, continuously updated by our detection technology. Bring together organically all the key players of your digital transformation, including your software administrators and software publishers, so that gathering usage information on these solutions can be streamlined and automated. § Your GDPR actions : track all of the declarative compliance of your SaaS partners, digitize all of your compliance, security forms and data processes characterization filled by your SaaS providers. § Your Optimization actions : Our optimization algorithms remain on standby to alert you to potential optimization tracks to investigate. The platform then allows you to characterize the optimization and follow it in a standardized process. § Your Evolution actions : Build your digital roadmap without risking introducing software redundancy thanks to our test of compatibility with your existing tools. Maximize the alignment of software applications with your business needs. Whether you are a future client, partner; or if you just want to know more about Beamy, do not hesitate to contact us!