bGrid Smart Buildings

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bGrid is built to adapt. Unlock your building data through a flexible & open API.

bGrid is the final smart building solution you will ever need. Our uniqueness is in our flexible open approach. Building smart today, to open up possibilities and guaranteeing a futureproof tomorrow. Open to communicate and connect with everything in your building, bGrid multi-sensors sense what happens in your building to provide valuable data insights that are tailored to your organisation:
  • movement & occupancy
  • temperature (IR & air)
  • humidity
  • light intensity
  • sound intensity
  • air quality (CO2 & VOC)

The sensing data is used to provide the user with ideal personal comfort through system control (light, climate and blinds). The devices also enable fast and accurate indoor positioning of people and assets.

All generated data is made available via our open RESTful API allowing third party developers to easily connect to bGrid and create new innovative smart building applications. Our solution allows for continuous development of building functionalities & use cases over its lifetime. The bGrid COVID Office Safety Solution [bCOSS] is an example here-of, combining the occupancy and air quality within the building to provide the user and facility managers with direct feedback of the actual conditions. This can be enabled without any change to the building infrastructure.  

Using the bGrid solution, companies can optimize occupancy rates, improve health and comfort, increase employee satisfaction and sustainability and the reporting on all of these. bGrid delivers a proven and futureproof smart building solution for owners, operators, and occupants of the building.

Get the most out of your building, and allow the building to adapt to an undiscovered future!