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.to quickly create and share simple multilingual, video-based work instructions, manuals and SOPs., a web-based SaaS platform, empowers frontline employees by providing a user-friendly medium for capturing and sharing knowledge.

This platform facilitates the rapid creation of illustrated content such as how-to instructions, training manuals, SOPs, and product guides. Leveraging instant machine translation and simple design principles, enables quick and effective employee training on a global scale. addresses the universal need for companies to instruct frontline employees and customers efficiently, especially for multinational corporations with diverse audiences.

Key benefits include:

  • Leverage quick and simple digital tools to share know-how with employees

  • Minimize errors and reduce down time

  • Reduce employee and customer support costs

  • Reduce training time & translation costs, accelerating knowledge sharing

  • Drive adoption of digital tools globally

Accessible on any device, in any language, and deployable globally through QR codes or personalized URLs, runs on Microsoft Azure, ensuring security and compliance.

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