Edart - Education Data Analysis and Reporting Tool

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A complete cloud-based solution for schools to manage staff and pupil (MIS) information.

EDART - (Educational Data Analysis and Reporting Tool), is a modern approach to data management to help educational institutions save time by cutting teacher workload, support professional development and improve student outcomes.
Hosted on the powerful Microsoft Azure platform, EDART offers a user-friendly interface which quickly and intuitively captures information ranging from medical history to the emotional development of a child, measured against core strengths. It centralizes data to analyse and interrogate quickly, that helps provide personalized interventions to best meet the needs of our individual pupils. Using the powerful reporting tool Microsoft Power BI, EDART is able to produce real-time analysis of pupil data which is used to improve their outcomes.

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Edart Modules

Child Protection

Assessment and Progress

Rewarding System

Parent Communication

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