Bitskout - Get data from documents and Emails in a few clicks

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Extract data from documents and emails without a dev team in a few clicks

Introducing Bitskout, a practical solution for teams seeking to efficiently extract data from documents, emails, text, and messages, and smoothly integrate it into your tools via Power Automate. Struggling with an overload of documents, requests, work orders, and notifications? Bitskout is here to help streamline your data management process by:

- Offering a collection of 40+ ready-made templates (CV, Bill of Lading, Utility Bills, Legal Documents, Document Recognizers), enabling quick and easy implementation within minutes.
- Providing a user-friendly interface for creating custom plugins, designed specifically for your document extraction needs.
- Facilitating the handling of unstructured and human-written messages with the assistance of Bitskout's A.I. technology. Simply provide a few examples, and watch as the system gets to work.

Explore the benefits of Bitskout's accessible interface, diverse template selection, and seamless integration capabilities. Reduce manual data entry and enhance your team's workflow efficiency. Check out Bitskout on Microsoft Azure Marketplace today and take the next step towards optimizing your team's performance.