Invisible Read Receipts & Click Tracking for Email

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Know who's opening, clicking or ignoring your emails from any device.

We all rely on email for business, but it has a major flaw. It leaves you in the dark! Unless you get a reply, once you send an email, you never know if it was delivered, opened, if links were clicked, or if you were ignored altogether. Stop wondering if your proposals or invoices were viewed. Put an end to sending follow-up emails that make you look impatient. Never worry again if your team is engaged in the emails you send. Invisible Read Receipts & Click Tracking with Black Pearl's Insights keeps you forever in the know without annoying the recipient with traditional read receipts. 

Popular Use Cases

  • Client Retention - Get notified when contracts, proposals, invoices are revisited.
  • Strike While the Iron Is Hot - Knowing the second emails are being read allows sales teams to call while their top of mind
  • Due Diligence - Verify important emails & document links were sent, received, or opened.
  • Monitor Recipient Activity - Use the portal to see delivery status, opens and clicks for any contact or link.
  • Meeting/Project Planning - Verify recipients have read meeting agendas and project briefs
  • Eliminate annoying follow-up emails - Knowing what's been viewed means you can follow up in the most appropriate way
  • Increase team efficiency - Know when to move in on a contact and when to move on

Standout Features

  • Open & Link Click Tracking
  • Optional Real-Time Alerts
  • Works on all devices from laptops to smartphones 
  • Completely Invisible to Recipients

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