Botminds AI for Document Process Automation

Botminds AI Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

With Botminds, bring 10X efficiency to your document-centric processes in hours instead of months.

Botminds is for advanced document understanding using AI. We chase the research happening in the intersection of Deep Learning & NLP and bring those cutting edge research breakthroughs to the benefit of enterprises.

Unstructured documents like contracts, tenders, annual reports, news articles are the largest impediment for process automation in enterprises. Current Process Automation solutions are not adept in dealing with large content unstructured documents.

Botminds AI core components specializes in reading and understanding large content unstructured documents just like humans do. Botminds as a platform helps you to create an end-to-end information retrieval pipelin for your own documents in minutes. You will get the power of AI in your enterprise with just simple point & click activities. Without having to worry about data ingestion, cleaning, machine learning models, algorithms, etc... you will roll out the entire document process automation solution in hours flat.

  • Create a subscription
  • Let Botminds know from where it should load documents (Integrated crawler engine for massive large scale ingestion)
  • Define what information you want to extract from documents
  • Collaborate with your team to annotate
  • Leverage the power of one-click model generation (automatic algorithm or network architecture selection)
  • See the models in action for any new uploaded documents right in Botminds interface.
  • and Integrate with your internal systems using our RESTful APIs or RPA components.

Dealing with unstructured documents is not a single AI model or an API task, you need multiple models that coherently work together to achieve the end result. Botminds platform provides a sophisticated orchestration layer where you can mix and match the models generated to create a document understanding AI workflow that matches to your business use case.

Botminds disrupts the way process automation pipelines are created and rolled out in large corporations and enterprises. If you have a process that revolves around unstructured documents, we can help you see an AI-powered working information extraction pipeline in a day