Covid-19 Facility Readiness & Stock Management

BroadReach Consulting LLC

Ensure clinics and hospitals are ready and have the right supplies daily

Provides an ongoing readiness assessment for hospitals and clinics involved in the Covid-19 fight.  Health workers use a simple, single data capture and communication app to conduct ongoing audits across stock supply, staffing levels, and other key areas to ensure that hospitals and clinics are equipped to deal with Covid-19 patients.  Management uses collected data in real time to identify gaps at individual hospitals and clinics and can allocate resources to address them.  Additionally, when done with BroadReach's other solution for community screening, testing and contact tracing, this data can be combined with the readiness data to give managers are real time idea of Covid-19 hotspots and the state of readiness of nearby clinics and hospitals.  Finally, the app enables secure chat, voice and video communications between individuals and teams to improve coordination as well as to push out relevant educational materials and instructions.