CACI Inc. - Federal

SteelBox™ - certified app for government encrypted smartphone/tablet CUI calls and messages

Every day, hundreds of thousands of text messages and phone calls are made by U.S. Government employees from their smartphones. These unsecured, unencrypted calls and messages are susceptible to intercept and eavesdropping from unwanted audiences. CACI's SteelBox™ technology is a new solution for this urgent need – the first certified mobile application that allows government employees to encrypt their calls and messages to and from their Apple iOS or Android smartphones and tablets.

CACI partnered with BlackBerry and Microsoft to deliver this government, cloud-hosted, software-as-a-service (SaaS) answer to the secure mobile communications problem. Authorized users simply download the SteelBox™ app from the Google Play or the Apple app store. It can also be sent to their devices via a government-authorized mobile device management (MDM) solution. Once authenticated, the SteelBox™ app allows users to encrypt calls and messages to other SteelBox™ users.