CampusLogic StudentForms


StudentForms automates the financial aid verification process for colleges and universities.

Two-thirds of students receive some type of financial aid to attend college. Many of these are low-income, first-generation, and minority students. Verifying eligibility for federal financial aid—a complex, frustrating, and highly iterative process—can be a major hurdle for these students, often involving multiple rounds of corrections sent back and forth via fax machines or snail mail. Over 25% of students never make it through verification, many opting out of pursuing higher education entirely.  

Financial aid processes and forms are overwhelmingly manual, tedious, and time-consuming for both students and financial aid staff.  StudentForms from CampusLogic removes barriers, especially for at-risk students, by guiding them step-by-step through the entire process—from the device of their choice, 24/7, while also dramatically reducing the time spent by school staff in reviewing documents by up to 75%. 

From the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) verification process to professional judgments and SAP appeals, StudentForms® makes the paperwork digital and mobile, while automating the data and document collection process. Customized workflows, personalized forms, and guided, personalized steps create easier, more efficient experiences with fewer errors.  StudentForms enables more students to get financial aid, moving institutions toward empowering student financial success, thereby supporting increased institution enrollment and retention.  StudentForms from CampusLogic is an entirely cloud-based service in the Azure Intelligent Cloud environment that allows higher education institutions to convert paper-based financial aid application processes to self-service, workflow-driven data and document collection, increasing data accuracy and dramatically shortening processing cycle times.  The solution is fully embedded within the Microsoft stack, leveraging Azure Blob storage for unlimited document storage, and providing security via the Azure world-class security, encryption, and keyvault client encryption management.