Splunk Enterprise

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Splunk Enterprise is a software product that enables you to search, analyze, and visualize the data gathered from the components of your IT infrastructure or business. Splunk Enterprise takes in data from websites, applications, sensors, devices, and so on. After you define the data source, Splunk Enterprise indexes the data stream and parses it into a series of individual events that you can view and search. It enables you to search, monitor and analyze that data to discover powerful insights across multiple use cases like SecOps, ITOps, and DevOps. Additionally, with the power of machine learning, you can make faster, more informed decisions across the organization.

With Splunk Enterprise, everyone from data and security analysts to business users can gain insights to drive operational performance and business results. Whether you’re looking to troubleshoot IT, monitor your security posture and application development, or optimize marketing campaigns, Splunk Enterprise can help get you there.

Collect and index any machine-generated data from virtually any source or location in real time. Just point Splunk Enterprise at your data, and it immediately starts collecting and indexing--so you can start searching and analyzing.

Splunk is uniquely suited to meet customer needs around comprehensive visibility at scale. In today’s complex landscape, data is created and analyzed across multiple silos, creating challenges around data access and security. Splunk can help normalize data across sources, but more importantly, enable stakeholders to add context to data as it relates to business value. This can help provide the business resilience, innovation, and scalability that make modern enterprises thrive.