Tanium for Public Sector

oleh Carahsoft Technology Corporation

Tanium Converged Microsoft Endpoint Management

Tanium is the world’s first converged endpoint management solution: a single platform that can identify where all your data is, patch every device you own in seconds, implement critical security control tools and do it all within a single pane of glass.

Tanium protects against attacks by orchestrating all activities within a single platform that’s fast, reliable and inherently integrated. Combining the reach of IT Operations, Security, Risk and Compliance Management into one location breaks the cycle of unreliable tools, broken processes and incomplete outcomes across siloed teams – enabling the ability to obtain business insights quickly, reduce time to incident resolution, and lower IT cost and complexity.

Tanium is converging tools across the IT Operations, Security, Risk and Compliance Management space to bring teams together: one platform to give complete visibility, control and trust in IT decision-making. That’s the power of certainty.

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