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Manage complex warehouse processes simply and clearly

Manage complex warehouse processes simply and clearly LOKIA WMS is a user-friendly software for warehouse management of business and manufacturing companies. The solution uses barcode readers, and thanks to modularity, customers can choose features according to their individual requirements. Why to use LOKIA WMS? Speeding up of expedition – Stocks leave the warehouse 10 times faster • Instructions on the barcode reader • Prioritization of tasks • Optimization of picking routes Precise evidence of stock – 100 % stock overview in real time • Address system of stock evidence • Up to date view of current stock on a graphic map of warehouse • Visibility of location and amount of stocks from anywhere Simple Deployment – Deployment of the system takes 1 day • Cloud solution with safe data backup • Worry-free operation and maintenance • Always up to date, no need to install updates Improve management of warehousemen's work and decrease their work time by 40 %. Increase customer satisfaction thanks to reduction of error rate of export by 98 %. LOKIA WMS helps business and manufacturing companies to manage complex warehouse processes simply and clearly. Learn more Summary Presentation Customer Story