oleh Center to Promote Health Care Access

A cloud-based solution for health and social services eligibility determination and enrollment.

Because you and your teams are doing the hard work of connecting people to the support and services they need every day.

Our streamlined and configurable platform empowers administrators and assisters, which means more time focused on what matters.

Because programs and services are decentralized, with multiple forms and different intake processes serving as barriers to applicants and agencies.

The technology now exists for faster and more accurate service, and people expect it.

One-x-Connection is a modern eligibility and enrollment solution that offers organizations like government agencies and community-based organizations responsible for helping people apply for, determine eligibility for, and enroll in health and social services:

Built-in features that support integrated benefit eligibility and promote benefit retention for qualified individuals and families
Automated electronic communication to applicants to promote timely action
Faster, more intuitive data collection and entry for applicants and assisters
Dashboards that enable more efficient workload management
Program data available on demand for self-service reporting and analysis
Minimal collection of applicant personal information and stringent data protection
Easy-to-use tools that empower administrators to configure and edit the process to reflect their day-to-day environment