Modern Data Mart

Ceteris AG

Form a simple data loading process up to a Modern Data Warehouse in the cloud.

With Modern Data Mart, Ceteris will deploy a SaaS solution in your environment that will grow with your requirements. Beginning with a very simple data loading process with only one data source, Modern Data Mart is designed with the future in mind, so it can grow to be a Modern Data Warehouse in the cloud. We integrate your data sources and optimize data ingestion according to our expertise of many years and many projects building data marts for our customers using the Ralph Kimball Methodology for Data Warehousing.

  • Unique integer warehouse keys in dimension tables
  • Correct historization of data using Slowly Changing Dimensions (SCD) according to Ralph Kimball

  • Easy to implement delta loads from source systems to data mart.

We are building on the cloud-born data orchestration tool Azure Data Factory, which can also load data from on-premise data sources. All transformations and modifications on your data are done using Mapping Data Flows, giving you an easy-to-adapt and maintain graphical interface for complex transformations.

As a data mart typically has only one data source (unlike a Data Warehouse), integration of master data from different sources is initially not part of this solution. It also does not cover handling of unstructured data or streaming data.

Modern Data Mart is beneficial to anyone from IT or Data Science who wants to start with a working Data Mart, to be used for data analysis and reporting, using the latest tools from the Microsoft Azure platform. Our solution can be an excellent starting point for developing your own solution, or you can let us develop and extend additional data sources and functionalities as part of the Modern Data Mart service.

This application is available in German.