Channeltivity PRM

oleh Channeltivity LLC

Out-of-the-box partner portal and channel management solution for technology companies.

Channeltivity is the PRM platform of choice for companies in the high-tech space. If you are a technology company with a channel program and need an out-of-the-box solution to manage your partners, Channeltivity is for you.

As a SaaS partner relationship management solution, Channeltivity helps companies streamline and optimize their channel sales and marketing programs. This comprehensive platform provides a centralized hub for all channel-related activities, including partner onboarding, training and enablement, joint marketing fund management, deal registration and co-marketing.

With Channeltivity, companies can streamline and optimize their channel operations, reduce administrative overhead, and gain real-time visibility into partner performance and results. This allows companies to maximize the value of their channel partnerships and achieve their business goals more effectively.

Four areas differentiate Channeltivity within the PRM industry:

  1. Easy: Channeltivity’s focus has always been to making channel management easy. Our platform is well thought-out with a user interface that is straightforward and allows partners to be productive without training. Channeltivity comes pre-configured with workflows that follow best practices, but you can easily change the settings to meet all common partner program requirements. Our helpful customer success team will walk you through the implementation and ensure you’re set up for success. If you need help along the way, we’re always happy to answer your questions or jump on a call. Customers love Channeltivity because it makes them more successful.
  2. Feature-Rich: Channeltivity has everything you need to run a successful channel program. Whether it’s deal registration, lead distribution, joint marketing fund (MDF) management, co-branded collateral, training & certification, referral management, email marketing, business planning or just a basic channel partner portal, Channeltivity is the channel management platform of choice for technology companies.
  3. Self-Serve: From the very beginning, Channeltivity has been designed to put you in the driver seat. Everything is documented and can be easily configured in settings, so 99% of the time there’s no need to open a support ticket to update content or change the way your PRM works. Our extensive knowledge base answers all common questions and includes best practices to guide you. But if you want to talk to someone, our support team is helpful and responsive, and consistently gets high marks from our customers.
  4. Integrated: Our PRM's built-in integration with HubSpot and Salesforce is flexible, powerful, and easy to configure. Our customers love the point-and-click configuration process that can be completed in minutes and often remark how they wish all integrations used our approach.
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