Project Plan

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Create gantt charts, roadmaps, timelines and sync them across Microsoft Teams, PowerPoint and Excel.

Would you like to visualize your project plan with a gantt chart? Would you like to keep all your plans in sync across Microsoft Teams, PowerPoint and Excel? Try Project Plan!
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Key Benefits

  • 60 seconds from installation to your first gantt chart.
  • Keep your project plan(s) in sync across all your environments.
  • Share web links to your plans to your stakeholders, so they can track the current progress at all times.

Key Features

  • Gantt Charts: Create gantt charts, manage tasks, milestones and dependencies.
  • Cloud-synced Project Plans: Your plan remains in-sync and consistent across all PowerPoint slides, Excel spreadsheets and in Microsoft Teams.
  • Embed the same synced plan in Microsoft Teams, Confluence, SharePoint and others: Your project plan will automatically by synchronized between your project space and your PowerPoint slides and Excel sheets.

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