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Connected Inventory Management. Simplified.

Want to sell more, to more customers, in more places? Cin7 makes complex retail and wholesale simple. 

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An All-in-One Cloud Solution: 

Cin7 combines inventory management with point of sale (POS), omnichannel and warehouse workflows. Track inventory while staying on top of orders, stock locations and sales channels in real time. Integrating with hundreds of apps, Cin7 syncs with Shopify, Amazon, QuickBooks Online, global retailers, warehouses and more.

Built for Business Growth: 

Cin7 frees business owners and operators to focus on building brand value, even as their operations grow. Supporting brick-and-mortar and online retail, B2B eCommerce and light manufacturing, Cin7 is ideal for multichannel businesses trading in fashion, beauty, electronics, homewares and food & beverage. 

Key features include:
  • Inventory Management: Keep stock aligned with orders across every sales channel and stock location.

  • Point of Sale: Route orders, manage customer loyalty and promotions, and gain stock visibility at the register.

  • B2B eCommerce: Let wholesale customers reorder using a convenient self-service portal. Free sales reps to pursue new business!

  • Integrations: 450+: eCommerce, online marketplaces, 3PL warehouses, accounting solutions and more.

  • Automation: Reduce admin requirements and minimize error with bots that handle complex and routine tasks for you.

  • Warehouse Management: Streamline your operations, inventory and fulfillment workflows and reduce carrying costs.

  • Reports and Forecasting: See real-time activity, understand trends, fine-tune your sales mix and more. 

  • Built-in EDI: Sell wholesale to major retailers, bypass third-party EDI providers and minimize costly chargebacks.

  • Amazon Seller, Vendor, FBA: Expand your business quickly with integrations for every Amazon channel you use. 

“All the other inventory management solutions I saw could only map orders to a single general ledger. Cin7 lets me separate my channels: B2B, B2C, Amazon, whatever it is.”—Anthony Pong, US Executive Director, Caterpy

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