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Lean Managers: Increase Employee Commitment To Improving Daily Activities and Sharing Feedback

“Our research reveals that, on average, 95% of a company’s employees are unaware of, or do not understand, its strategy.” ~ Harvard Business Review Study

The Challenge - Your lean strategy encompasses communications and project management software tools such as Microsoft Teams and others with one goal in mind: better team performance results. However, these tools only accomplish what the developers intended: communication and project management. You are experiencing another challenge that must be addressed head on: the gap between strategy formulation and execution i.e., ambition and performance

The Objective - Reach daily goals by enabling your team to take timely action, make well informed decisions, and readily share their knowledge. 

The Solution - We help you align your floor employees with company goals by way of a web application. The CircleView.App helps you build a pipeline of feedback from your frontline that is actionable and contributes to achieving your company goals. 

“Empowered employees are more likely to be powerful, confident individuals, who are committed to meaningful goals and demonstrate initiative and creativity to achieve them. They typically have the freedom to generate novel ideas and the confidence that these ideas will be valued.” ~ Harvard Business Review study

Key Benefits

Alignment with Clear KPIs - With Circle View, every action can be easily associated with a tracking metric. Each department can elevate collaboration daily and take action based on indisputable numbers.

Transparency to Accelerate Goals - Communicate trust, individual importance, and openness to each team member by empowering them with their own dashboard that includes transparent company goals and daily performance.

Accountability for Daily Tasks - Each team member can track their own contribution to the company vision in real-time, and have the liberty to play a major role from anywhere.

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