ABT Cittamobi

oleh Cittamobi

A new way to pay for public transport.

We want to digitize public transport and we're counting on you to do it!
The ABT system turns the customer's smartphone into the main key to unlock the bus turnstile.
This product has a digital wallet as an interface with the customer, where he makes his money securely available and can use it with ease, both for public transport and for other commercial transactions.
The only intermediary is the transport company itself.
It makes the payment of the ticket easier and makes the insertion of unbanked customers into the universe of digital payment.
With this innovation, the passenger no longer has the need to use cash, credit or debit cards, electronic transport tickets or QR codes.
For the passenger:
- Possibility of subscription;
- Cashback;
- Freedom to pay from anywhere, in any city.
For you:
- New form of turnstile release that coexists with current systems;
- Customer data from the digital portfolio, allowing for further relationship between company and customer (CRM), and subsequent more assertive communication;
- Cashback - incentive actions;
- Possibility of partial deployment in the fleet, as a pilot on a small scale.

The two systems, ABT Cittamobi and current validators, can co-exist.
Passengers who have and use the transport card will continue to use the current validator. Passengers who do not have a card, forgot to load credits or who want to have a 100% digital experience, use the ABT Cittamobi system.
The customer will have the power to choose, adhering to the payment method that makes the most sense for him.
And you will be more connected with the new consumer!

This application is available only in Brazilian Portuguese.