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Assist Me Plugin for personalised web accessibility needs

As the world continues to move online and the ageing population grows, many users are missing out on digital products and services. Assist Me allows you to connect with them. Digital accessibility is the key for businesses and organisations not only to be compliant with laws and regulations but also to be capturing the undervalued spending power of disabled households £249billion in the UK ($490billion in the US). The importance of having a website where the user is able to modify the way the information is presented is a game-changer for your business. We all understand the importance of customer experience and this shows you care about that customer. Every customer has expectations when they interact with a brand at any touchpoint. Imagine the difference between a welcoming shop assistant and one that ignores you. Assist me is that welcoming first impression that shows you are a brand that cares for people with a disability. A market worth over £249B a year. Word of mouth is very powerful in the disabled community a nothing gets spread quicker than a welcoming experience.