Core Hindsight

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Core Hindsight - Complete end-to-end Audit Case Management Solution

Looking for a complete Audit Management Solution to ensure that your compliance and regulatory obligations are met as well as optimised and historically recorded?

This innovative approach to audit processes delivers efficiently to the needs of any business or enterprise globally where an audit or QA process is undertaken. The solution is particularly useful for the Financial Services Industry.

Our complete end-to-end audit case management system will ensure that you are not only meeting your internal QA standards and policies, it will also ensure you meet regulatory compliance obligations.

No longer will records around audit/QA activities be stored in disparate systems, hard to track down or lacking in relevant detail to evidence the processes undertaken. This complete system maintains a single-source of truth for all audit activities. In addition, the solution enables you to perform QA activities on a holistic cross-section of your business and to set a sufficient sample size to uncover any weaknesses or negative trends. This allows systemic issues to be rapidly identified and addressed before they lead to penalties or losses to the business.

Management can obtain live, on-the-spot reporting to see what issues are being uncovered while QA activities are actively running. They can also see a live pass/fail rate as well as the progression of the QA activities for that cycle. You no longer have to wait for the final QA results report to come out to gain insights into your business.

Core Hindsight not only delivers to the high-level business metrics and reporting, it also caters to the details of each individual QA review case. It provides workflow management, varied user permissions, full capture of all relevant assessment detail and documentation and then the solution stores all information and overall results forever so they are readily available historically.

The solution can be rapidly deployed as it is a point-solution and doesn't require integrations. The solution is managed and hosted on Azure for top-level security and support.

Businesses and enterprises can benefit from this industry-leading sophisticated approach which provides:

  • Automation and a data driven application versus an outdated manual-based approach
  • Ability to meet compliance and governance objectives, including regulatory requirements
  • Optimisation of QA/audit activities
  • Complete end-to-end solution enabling a single source of truth and historical record archive

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