Core Payment Exchange

oleh Clear Dynamics

Complete cloud-based payment processing solution

Core Payment Exchange is a complete, cloud-based, payment-processing solution. By taking diverse payment solutions and streamlining them into one centralised process, Core Payment Exchange provides the ultimate standard in flexibility and control; users can alter batch runs, change payment formats and switch payment processors directly in the UI. Welcome to true cashflow management.


  • Single view: view and manage all payments in one place
  • Custom batches: create a payment batch for every bank account/payment processor combination possible and chose when to schedule those payments; daily, multi-day or real-time.
  • Low code: create and modify payment batches in a web-based editor; change bank details, swap payment processors or modify batching rules
  • Automated processing: confidently run all payment batches automatically with complete tracking of failures and errors
  • Seamless integration: connect to existing or new payment processors for alternative payment types like BPAY and NPP
  • Auditing: track changes to any/all payments using audit trails