Cloudera Data Platform (CDP)

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An enterprise data cloud that manages, secures and connects the data lifecycle in Azure.

CDP is an integrated data platform that is easy to deploy, manage, and use.  By simplifying operations, CDP reduces the time to onboard new use cases across the organization. It uses machine learning to intelligently autoscale workloads up and down for more cost-effective use of cloud infrastructure.   CDP manages data in any environment, including multiple public clouds, bare metal, private cloud, and hybrid cloud. With Cloudera's Shared Data Experience (SDX), the security and governance capabilities in CDP, IT can confidently deliver secure analytics running against data anywhere. CDP is a new approach to enterprise data, anywhere from the Edge to AI.

CDP manages, controls, and analyzes data anywhere, including:

  • Azure - Organizations have the flexibility to use their cloud provider of choice
  • On-premises: For performance, cost, and security purposes, use data centers where that is the optimal infrastructure
  • Hybrid cloud: Consistent management and control across combinations of public clouds and on-premises for ultimate choice

CDP delivers easy-to-use analytics that work better together, supporting the most demanding use cases:

  • Complete: All functions needed to ingest, transform, query, optimize, and make predictions from data are available, eliminating the need for point products
  • Integrated: Unified analytic functions simplify the creation of big data applications and pipelines
  • Consistent: Standardized user experience across functions makes it faster and easier to analyze data

CDP’s Shared Data Experience (SDX) technologies ensure an enterprise data cloud is secure by design:

  • Consistency: Security and governance policies are set once and applied across all data and workloads
  • Portability: Policies stay with the data even as it moves across all supported infrastructures
  • Self-service: Users can efficiently find, curate, and share data, enabling access to trusted data and analytics

CDP is composed of 3 primary services: Data Warehouse, Machine Learning and Data Hub

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