Colligo Enterprise Cloud Suite

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Integrate SharePoint via Microsoft 365 add-ins from Colligo for email and content management

Colligo offers true cloud-based capture and document management add-ons. Colligo’s three cloud products simplify knowledge and record management, improve information governance and compliance, and help organizations leverage their SharePoint investments.

  • Colligo Email Manager for Microsoft 365 enables users to capture and autoclassify emails and attachments directly from Outlook to SharePoint and Teams via automatically extracted metadata.
  • Colligo Content Manager for Microsoft 365 allows users to explore SharePoint from Teams, web browsers, and Outlook, so they can find and share files faster.
  • Colligo Office Connect for Microsoft 365 lets users save and classify files to SharePoint from Microsoft 365.

Benefits for end-users:

• Easily file emails, documents, and attachments to SharePoint and Teams on desktop or mobile with a familiar experience across devices

• Automatically extract metadata properties of documents, emails, and attachments or manually capture custom fields

• Search SharePoint content within Outlook's native interface (or from Teams or the web browser); browse and preview lists and check-in or check-out files from a document library; and utilize the drag-and-drop interface to classify content and emails in SharePoint and manage records – all without switching apps

• Share SharePoint content as links for easy collaboration and file-sharing with teams

Benefits for the enterprise:

• Enable ‘frictionless’ compliance with company or industry policies by making filing easier for end-users

• Drive consumption and user-adoption of SharePoint and Teams as your system for records and knowledge management

• Leverage your investment in Microsoft 365

• Increase productivity and collaboration amongst your team

• Support BYOD without compromising information management compliance

• Centrally configure site access for users and groups with an administrative tool non-IT can use

• Quickly deploy the add-ins using the simple Microsoft 365 add-in framework so users get instant access

• Save IT time and money with automatic upgrades and no server downtime

About Colligo

Colligo brings the best of SharePoint into Outlook and everyone’s favourite Microsoft 365 apps through easy-to-use and deploy solutions. In business for more than 20 years, Colligo is proud to serve mid- and large-sized organizations alike.