Concatenate RealTime - Real Estate Platform

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Real Asset Business Management Platform: Plan, Work, Collaborate

Concatenate RealTime™ is an integrated strategic planning and operational work platform designed specifically to manage real assets for the commercial real estate industry. ​The platform provides a unified, cloud-based space:

  • To set, execute and monitor business plans at the portfolio, asset and unit levels.

  • To manage all key real asset business management processes.

  • For team members to collaborate on the work required to fulfill business plans.

  • For senior executives and key stakeholders to monitor progress on achieving plan targets.

The RealTime™ platform connects your existing real asset point solutions. It aggregates key data from those solutions; it does not “rip and replace” them.

RealTime™ is designed for all stakeholders that invests in or manages real assets including:

  • Institutional investors

  • Investment managers

  • Asset managers

  • Property managers

  • Construction managers