Live Track Blockchain Traceability Module

oleh Connecting Food

The world’s first Food Confidence Platform, for end to end supply chain traceability.

The world’s first Food Confidence Platform, a simple yet powerful, systemic solution for efficiently generating end-to-end transparency through comprehensive digital twins on the blockchain.

Food supply chains are complex, and many agribusinesses are still in the early stages of digital transformation:

Upstream systems: Producers, farmers, and primary processors may use excel- or paper-based processes. Some have home-grown or highly-customized ERP legacy systems implemented a decade or more ago. 

Downstream systems: Manufacturers, transportation and logistics firms, brands, and retailers use SAP or other blue-chip ERP systems, each mostly independent of each other since traceability regulation traditionally only required “one up, one down” tracking only.

Our platform has been designed to create value for actors across the value chain, from farmers and primary processors to manufacturers, brands & retailers, allowing them to respond to growing demands for both traceability and transparency.