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mojoPortal – Advanced Websites Made Easy. Anyone Can Build a Website.

MojoPortal is a powerful content management system. Anyone can use MojoPortal to build a website, no coding knowledge is required.

Whether you want to build your own custom web application or just need a good starting place that already includes the common features needed for your website, mojoPortal can be extremely useful to you. No matter what your level of technical knowledge is you can create an advanced website with great features like authentication, role-based security, managed workflow, content history, and more.

MojoPortal also comes packaged with many common-use-case modules like blogs, forums, contact forms, a webstore, file management and more.


This is a list of the major features that come packaged with MojoPortal:

  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Role-Based Security
  • Manage Files & Folders
  • Internal Site Search
  • And more...

Here are a few more simple features that we think help make MojoPortal awesome:

  • HTML5 Friendly Markup
  • E-mail Restricted Signup
  • Full Site or Per-Page SSL
  • Open ID Authentication
  • Site Statistics
  • Social Media API Integration
  • Easy User-Management
  • Error & Debug Logging
  • Anti-Spam Captchas

Mojoportal is transformed into a SaaS application by Corent SaaSOps platform. SaaSOps provides the management capabilities that enable the application to be marketed and operated as a service, allowing you to simply subscribe and have the full application capabilities in the secure and reliable Azure environment.