Corrz Technosolutions Private Limited

AI-Powered Contact Center - Level up your Customer Engagements using NLP and ML Algorithms - An AI-Powered contact center that is revolutionising the contact center operations for enterprises such as Delhivery, Tata AIG, Lal Path Labs, Maruti Suzuki and many more.

As an AI-Powered Contact Center Rezo has the capability do the following:

1. Rezo’s powerful AI engine combined with Machine Learning and NLP can automate upto 85% of the customer/driver queries across voice and non-voice channels, resulting upto 40% of savings, low risk of data breach and consistent experience with infinite scalability.

2. Rezo not only automates the interactions but also analyses every call and interactions giving speech analytics insights on agent performance, adherence to script, tonality etc. These insights help enterprises in objectively analysing the strengths and weaknesses of the agents, how he can be repositioned as per his product or process expertise, what are the specific areas where training is required. These analyses can be done real-time as well as post the call. All these detailed analyses are captured optimally on a dashboard.

3. Furthermore, Rezo also automates the backend actions using the power of cognitive RPA such as data entry, redirections to agents or departments etc. 

Therefore Rezo’s combined capabilities can handle the operations of any contact center in entirety with minimal human effort.