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IT Monitoring Solution

Are you an internal IT department looking for a multi-cloud, IT service monitoring tool capable of simply showing the health of your core services? A tool that will enable you to demonstrate true business value to your organisation? Or maybe you are MSP/CSP looking for a rapid-deploy, multi-cloud IT service monitoring tool that will scale as your business grows?

ServiceNav is a SaaS-based, easy to deploy and use , IT service monitoring platform. Suitable for IT environments of all sizes and complexities, with features that help make support more efficient whilst demonstrating real value. With broad technology coverage, and rapid deployment, ServiceNav cuts costs by targetting support resources at the true cause of service impacting events. With strong multi-tenancy features, its suitable for MSPs/CSPs of all sizes.

Do your service consumers (internal and external) require evidence of the ROI IT and its support services deliver? Business service reporting can clearly demonstrate the impact of IT services on the ‘bottom line’. The IT Weather feature of ServiceNav turns complex IT performance data into easy to understand, business-centric, insight.

Hybrid IT situations, challenge IT governance for both CIOs and MSPs. That is why ServiceNav calculates SLAs automatically for both OnPremise and Public Cloud services (Azure, IaaS, PaaS, O365) making cloud service assurance childsplay.

Avoid awkward service review meetings with proactive IT service monitoring that contributes to the success of your customers businesses. Real-time monitoring, coupled with multiple notification methods (inc. a dedicated mobile app), supports anytime, anywhere remediation.

Don’t let cumbersome monitoring deployment processes impact service delivery. Easily manage the service validation needs of your customer base, and rapidly on-board new devices and applications, with template-driven checks, dashboards and reports.

With ServiceNav from Coservit you can:

  • Monitor multiple customers/ sites from one single platform
  • Onboard new customers and sites in hours/ not days
  • Monitor a wide range of technologies (OnPremise & Public Cloud), using the vast library of dedicated checks (or leveraging many generic plugins)
  • Offer your end-users & clients a truly collaborative service relationship

Importantly, with the movement of business-critical workloads into the cloud, ServiceNav offers monitoring of Hybrid infrastructures; so no component is monitored to a lesser degree than another just because of its location.

Hosted on Microsoft’s industry-leading, cloud platform Azure, ServiceNav SaaS benefits from its high service availability guarantees.

To date, ServiceNav has found favour in a wide range of verticals:

  • Airports
  • Healthcare
  • Construction
  • Transport
  • Retail