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P365 for standardization, automation, integration and management of your project organisation.

This application is available only in dutch. and english. Other languages are possible. 

P365 is an Azure hosted solution which standardizes, automates, integrates and manages your internal and operational processes. Your IT department saves (a lot of) time by using a blueprint of your standard process automated in P365 for each project. Coworkers are collaborating more efficient and the quality of their work increases. Let yourself be helped by a well thought-out, established structure that turns Microsoft 365 into a recognisable, clear and helpful working tool. 

P365 provisioning helps you to:
- work together with colleagues and customers in a logical way in each stadium (acquisition, implementation or evaluation) of a project.
- prevent chaos in your daily work
- save time in finding the right document
- collaborate by working at the same document together 
- always work with the latest version of the document 
- save time in setting up your project processes
Everything to stay ahead of your customer and to let your employees find their way around quickly.