Cyber Defense Analysis


Cybersecurity Assessment and Cybersecurity Roadmap of the cloud.

This application is available in English and Spanish

Currently the companies are facing an accelerated rate of digital transformation to meet strategic business objectives and be competitive, this situation includes the adoption of new technologies, as digital solutions are growing also cyber-attacks grow in number and refinement, the threat of cyber incidents is increasingly perceived as a problem.


Considering the above context that is inherent to all organizations, this situation positions continuous cybersecurity assessments as a fundamental part of cybersecurity management, as they provide an overview of the current position and risk capabilities at the level of technology, processes and people. They also allow for the identification of the real threats, where the danger lies, who is best suited to respond to the threats, and what type of measures and strategies are appropriate to protect information against cybercriminals and to be able to establish the best way to ensure the stability of business information and services.

CUATROi offers Cyber Defense Analysis service that permit a cybersecurity assessment will be made and a functional cybersecurity roadmap will be generated with specific details on Microsoft 365 solutions, cloud environment, IaaS and PaaS services, Windows environments and spear phishing execution. 

This will benefit both highly regulated organizations and those that have concerns about increasing the security of their information in the cloud. .


To help manage cyber security risk in the cloud

Get an overview of the security controls required to secure your cloud environment

Determine the current state of cybersecurity

Identify the skills required to manage cyber security in your company

Define and prioritize action plans required to strengthen your company's cloud security