CWSI Workplace - Digital Employee Experience

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Scalable Orchestration that delivers the Digital Employee Experience in the Modern Workplace

Delivering a user experience to motivate and engage staff whilst reducing cost and workload in the business.

CWSI Workplace is highly automated portal solution allowing you to spend more time on your core business.

When work is no longer tied to a certain place or time, there is a need for modern tools for management and configuration. The modern workplace is the new reality that calls for flexibility. Using our innovative workplace platform allows us to support businesses in managing the modern workplace from design, installation, device acquisition and configuration up to direct support for your employees.

Many companies are looking to update their digital employee experience (DEX) to attract and motivate staff. The elusive “first day” LinkedIn photo showing their experience means it is being done correctly. Yet many of these are built on manual processes and result in frustration and delay. Worse still staff will develop parallel IT solutions to access data and so break compliance and expose risk.

Our research shows that many people entering a new business quickly form an opinion of their capabilities through the IT enablement as this is intrinsic to their ability to achieve success. The productivity benefits of offering an employee a degree of choice in the selection of a laptop and mobile device can be considerable. The experience and motivation of being able to select the right tool makes the employee feel valued and engaged. Equipment they are comfortable with will ensure that they contribute without delay.

Historically many companies had an IT driven one-size-fits-all solution and just mandated equipment. VIP users with a very high per-hour productivity value were largely treated as standard users with little additional enablement or improved service response. Some users will work best on a larger laptop whilst others prefer a lightweight laptop and are less worried about the mobile device. By involving the user in the selection and even letting them contribute for a better device through a tax effective BIK solution will make them feel respected. Yet the company can still maintain a fixed budget and compliance capability.

In many cases the purchasing and support models for mobile devices and laptops had not been converged leading to confusion in the staff as they tried to get support. The many resources around the business were grouped in different locations wasting time and leaving a poor impression. It can take many steps to provision a device leading to delays in productivity. Often approvals mean that it needs to go through human dependent processes resulting in loss of visibility and frustration to the user.

Workplace from CWSI pulls these elements together to resolve this moment and several others. It is a freshly built SaaS portal that brings the response and integration to deliver the DEX you desire. It delivers user focused delivery of all the services needed to bring instant productivity to the business in a single view.

Key Benefits: -
  • A secure SaaS platform that aligns all elements of a customers modern workplace IT experience

  • Optimisation of cost across the spectrum of purchasing, provisioning and support

  • Engaging the staff in device selection to align motivation and productivity

  • Ensuring compliance and security are integral to the whole process

  • Removing dependencies from the workflow to provide transparent response

  • Delivering a Modern Workplace experience.